Super Duper
HST Guide Instructions

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1.      Cut  fabric according to dimensions on the paper guide.  (Example:  if you want a 2-1/2 inch finished square, you’ll cut your material 3 x 3-3/4  inches.)


2.      Place fabrics right sides together.  Using our special translucent paper guides (which make it easy to line up on the fabric properly), put the top arrow in the upper right corner of the fabric with the diagonal lines running along the edges of the fabric.  Pin on the “cutting” line.


3.      For best results, use 12-15 stitches per inch.  Sew on the two outer lines.

4.   Cut on the cutting line.  Carefully remove the paper, open and press.

 Our unique guides offer the flexibility of making multi-sized HSTs.  No need to buy different sizes with our guides.  They cover HSTs from ½” squares to 6½ “ squares

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