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My name is Darlene McAllister and I have been quilting for several years now.  The items you see for sale that involve quilting came about in a rather unusual setting.  You see, we sold our house in mid December 1999 and moved into a 32' camping trailer which we placed on our 5 acre lot near Azle, Texas.  We named our property ďSunset BluffĒ because our new house will sit on a bluff overlooking a very peaceful valley and we can sit on the porch and watch the beautiful Texas sunsets every day.  The intention at the time was to begin building our house and only having to live in the trailer a few months.  (Little did I know that you donít build a house in a month or two.) 

Anyone who has lived in a camping trailer for any length of time knows that space is a premium commodity.  It was very frustrating to live in such a small place and not have any storage room whatsoever.  I continued my quilting and various small projects over the next few months.  My ďstashĒ was in storage, so I had to buy material for anything I was working on.  I had sacks of material, patterns, thread, etc. everywhere and could never find what I wanted when I wanted it.  Then when I went to use it, the material was usually crumpled and Iíd have to iron it before I could begin my project.  My son worked part time at a local pizza place, and I bought a few pizza boxes so I could get somewhat organized with all my stuff.  I wished I had a place to buy boxes for storing my quilting projects and thus came the thought of the Blox Boxes.  I really love having boxes to put all my supplies in, and I feel much better having all the project pieces in one place.  Totally organized I am not, but Iím working on that!

The Super Duper Fat Quarter Square idea came when I was asked to make a couple of T-shirt quilts for a friend.  I went to a local quilt store and asked for a large square to do my T-shirt quilts only to find out the owner said no one made one larger than 16" and she said she wished someone would invent a larger square.  When I mentioned this to Mike, he said it was a do-able thing...and we proceeded to make a rough one that I could use for my quilts.  I knew that most quilt shops would like to see a larger sized square that they could use for making their fat quarters, and thus the Super Duper Fat Quarter Square came into existence.

The Invisible Quilt Hanger was my idea, but I didnít know how to make one.  Thatís where Mike came to the rescue.  (Mike is in advertising - so he has conditioned himself to work out all sorts of problems.)  I told him it would be nice to hang a quilt or wall hanging and not have to see the hanger.  He devised the Invisible Quilt Hanger for me and I was very pleased. 

All of these items came about basically through need or wishing for an item that was not available anywhere.  I hope you, too, think these items are worth getting for your quilt shop, or your quilting room.  They would make ideal gifts for your quilting friends, or items to give as incentives to your customers, etc. 

Our new house was finally completed in February 2002 after 26 months of trailer living. We now enjoy the beautiful sunsets from our large deck.   Iíd like to thank my husband, Mike, for helping me put my ideas into concrete items, and for preparing our Website.  He is multi-talented.  Also, I want to thank you for visiting our website and for taking the time to read my story.  My e-mail address is: darlene@sunsetbluffcreations.com   I would love hearing from you!

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