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   Invisible?  Exactly!  Once the quilt is hung, you cannot see the hanger – only the quilt.  This hanger is meant to hang wall hangings or small quilts.  It comes in various sizes: 24", 36", 48" and 60".  Custom orders are accepted and price will be quoted upon request.

   What makes this hanger so unique is the fact that it is invisible once hung on the wall.  As you know, most quilt hangers either clamp the quilt at the top, hiding some of the edge of the quilt, or have loops which are placed over a rod and the rod intentionally shows when you hang the quilt, or a rod can be inserted in a sleeve behind the quilt, but it sticks out on the ends and you need some sort of decorative cap on the end of the rod.

    Well, the Invisible Quilt Hanger is just that...invisible.  How is this done?  The hanger comes in two pieces.  The first piece is the part that actually hangs on the wall (Fig. 1).  It has holes in it so you can mark exactly where to place your nails or screws into the wall.  The second part screws into the first piece (see Fig. 2).  Placing a tab of material (which you sew into the binding of the quilt) between the two pieces & screwing the two pieces tightly together is how the quilt is mounted.  Then, you just position the hanger over the nails or screws mounted in the wall, and voila!  Your quilt is hung and you cannot see the hanger.  It is invisible!! Show me Step By Step Instructions.

    The Invisible Quilt Hanger is made of wood and sealed with a polyethylene sealer to prevent damage to the quilt itself.  Try’ll love it!   Your quilts will look like they are stuck on the wall magically.  If you have a scalloped edge, or fringed edge, the entire edge of the quilt shows.   Also, if you’d like, one could be put at the bottom of the quilt as well, thus a perfectly straight hanging quilt!

 Order yours today!

 What size hanger shall I order?

    Measure the quilt at the top that you plan on hanging on the wall.  Subtract 1" so that the hanger   will come to within ˝" on each end.  This is the size hanger you will need.  The standard sizes are: 24", 36", 48,  and 60".  Order the hanger a size larger than the size you need. The chart below shows the quilt hanger size and the trimable size (the smallest size you can trim the hanger to fit by cutting off some from each end.) I.E. if you have a quilt that measures 29", order a size 36".  Then you can cut off 7" (3-1/2" from each end) to make it fit your quilt.  Custom orders can be made, see Custom order price list.

Part No.


Can be Cut To















   Custom Invisible Quilt Hanger Prices: 

Part No. Length Price
CIQH24 14" TO 23" $19.95
Custom Length
CIQH36 26" TO 35" $24.95
Custom Length
CIQH48 38" TO 47" $29.95
Custom Length
CIQH60 50" TO 59" $39.95
Custom Length
CIQH72 62" TO 72" $46.95
Custom Length
CIQH80 73" TO 80" $55.95
Custom Length
CIQH90 81" TO 90" $59.95
Custom Length

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