Step by Step Instructions for the Invisible Quilt Hanger


Step 2 - Mark the screws

Fig. 3 - Arrange the flaps

Fig. 4 - Screw Together

Fig. 5 - Slide on to screws


How do I hang my quilt? 

  Cut a long strip of material 3" wide the length of the quilt less 1".   This strip needs to be sewn into the binding of the quilt (stitch in the ditch) and left hanging loose.

 Step 1.  Take the hanger apart by unscrewing the screws.

 Step 2.  Take the hanger piece that has the long holes in it and place it on the wall where you want to hang the quilt.  (Make sure the quilt will fit in this place and hang at eye-level).  Mark the wall where the screws or nails will be placed by putting a pencil into the holes and marking the wall.  Remove the hanger and insert a screw or nail where indicated on the wall.

 Step 3.  Place the quilt on a table, face down. Place the strip of material that you have sewn to the binding, over the second hanger piece making sure the small silver discs are face down on the quilt. 

Step 4.  Set the 1st piece of the hanger on top of the strip of material.  Mark where the screw holes will be & pierce the material so the screws will easily go in.  Screw the two pieces of the hanger together making sure the material is pulled tautly. 

 Step 5.  Hang the quilt hanger on the screws or nails placed in the wall.


Step 6. Enjoy your quilt.

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